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Goodberry’s Frozen Custard

Do you find yourself checking the website for the Flavor of the Day? Then you know about Goodberry’s. Goodberry’s is a frozen custard joint that has been open since 1988. Their first location was on Spring Forest Road and Atlantic. I grew up going to the location on Kildaire Farm Road. They have 7 in the Triangle area.

Their philosophy is sometimes what you leave out is as important as what you put in, and they decided to leave out all the artificial and chemical ingredients. They use fresh milk, fresh cream, eggs, honey, pure cane sugar, and only natural flavorings to make their frozen custard. They also make it fresh every hour to ensure great flavor and freshness.

A few of my favorites from Goodberry’s: Recently I have been trying their sundaes. These are so good. We tried the smores sundae and a banana pudding sundae. My regular go-to though is the sandstorm. Are you a Goodberry’s fan? What is your go-to order?