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Fun da-middles of the Grocery Store

With some frequency Cara asks me if I would like to go with her to the grocery store. Why? I have no idea. Why do I go? Well… not to purchase food. Grocery stores are fascinating hubs of nonsense. Prime example – the photo to the right. Really Betty Crocker? You are selling bake at home Twinkies? No – these are important yet trivial – we’ll call them “fun da-middles.” If these don’t sell I imagine there will be seats to fill in the Betty Crocker marketing department – very wide seats.

And what about Baconnaise? Look closely – someone felt the need to let you know that this product is “REGULAR.” Will they be making a low-fat version of the product that tastes less bacony? This is frightening and intriguing at the same time. It sounds like a joke but you really can’t make it up.

Finally – settling an old score. Mincemeat – meat or no meat. We asked this question to several random people in Napper Tandy’s one evening. It had something to do with BobG eating a pie made of mincemeat or so random reason. The answers varied and while we have settled this a couple of times I always pick up a jar when it catches my eye to read the ingredients. Did you know the answer before you looked at the picture?

So yes – the grocery store is on the list of places I will visit. And no – I didn’t buy any of that stuff pictured. Of the grocery stores Kroger has the best shopping soundtrack. They have not as of yet answered my emails about starting “Krogeroke.” Give them time and they’ll come around.