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Free Starbucks

When BobG sent me this I thought it was a scam or at best a Starbuck’s promotion that was meant to look viral.  I read the article, and the original website and even did a web search before I decided it was legit and that I should post it.  The bottom line here is you can use the image to the right to attempt to purchase coffee at Starbucks.

Hi! I’m Jonathan Stark. You can download this picture of my Starbucks card to your phone and buy coffee at Starbucks with it. Seriously. My card gets charged, you don’t. Details are here.

You can also add to the card if you are so inclined and keep an eye on the balance by following @jonathanscard on Twitter.

I am pretty impressed with the Twitter feed and really like the concept. Having a good day? Add $5 to the card and give a random stranger a good day too. Having a bad day – have a cup of coffee from someone that feels a little more fortunate.  At least conceptually it seems like a good idea.

The twitter feed is pretty impressive too – “I wrote a bot that scrapes the Starbucks site for the card balance and posts it whenever the amount changes so you can tell if there’s any money available before heading to your local S’bux.”

If you happen to use the image to get a cup of coffee report back and let me know how it worked for you. Or if you happen to feel generous and add to the card let me know about that as well.  Pretty interested to see how long this sustains itself.


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