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Flavor Hills

Flavor Hills is now open in downtown Raleigh. The original restaurant is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Their mission is to infuse the world of dining with energy, excitement, and a deep sense of community. They are a veteran-owned business and their mantra is Eat, Laugh, Drink. Seems like a pretty great concept if you ask me.

We stopped by to check them out on Thursday. I opted for a lighter lunch and grabbed the Honey Jerk Chicken Salad. It is chopped romaine lettuce, cornbread croutons, parmesan cheese topped with sliced Honey Jerk glazed chicken breast, and fresh mango salsa served with caesar dressing. The salad was amazing. It was the perfect combination of flavors with the sweet glaze and a bit of heat. Not your average salad.

If you are looking for a place to grab lunch stop by Flavor Hills and enjoy a bite to eat.