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Eastcut Sandwich Bar

Eastcut Sandwich Bar has now opened its doors at Raleigh Ironworks and we couldn’t be happier. We dropped by a few weeks ago to check out their new spot.

Their philosophy – to cultivate Sandwich Utopia, where our Team Members thrive and our community finds cheer. As a people-people business, their priority is to take care of their Team Members. They work to offer fair pay, create a safe and comfortable work environment, and foster development and growth. The menu features traditions from up and down the East Coast – an attempt to make both transplants and hometowners feel welcome. Alongside the hand-crafted food is a variety of craft beer, cider, and wine.

Here is what we had to eat: If you know me, then you know I love a good fried chicken sandwich. I opted for the Jaybird which is a Southern Fried Chicken Breast with Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, and Duke’s Mayo. Served on a Potato Roll.

We also got the curly fries! They are so good!

We really are happy that Eastcut made its way to Raleigh. They have great food and wonderful customer service. Glad to have a good spot to grab a sandwich at Ironworks.