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Durham Distillery – Conniption Barrel Aged Series

Recently we did a day trip to Durham. No visit to Durham is complete without a trip to the Durham Distillery. These are the great folks behind the award-winning Conniption Gin. They are currently offering curbside pickup so we got some of their Conniption Barrel Aged Gin. This is a blend with the Conniption Navy Strength gin. It was aged for 10 months in bourbon barrels from High West Distillery. The notes are rosemary, juniper, and caraway and have flavors of spicy cardamom, fig, and lemon.

This is the first bottle in a series of Barrel Aged gins that will be released annually. The master distiller, Lee Katrincic recommends trying it as a classic Martinez or Negroni. If you are over in Durham make sure to do curbside pickup at Durham Distillery.