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Dining at the DBAP

With no baseball going on the Durham Bulls had some suites to fill. The creative geniuses over at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park came up with the idea of Dining at the DBAP. In this unique experience, guests get their own private suite at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. This was a really nice alternative to dining out in a socially distanced way.

We enjoyed a four-course meal that was created by the culinary crew at the DBAP. We had a salad, bread service, barbecue with an amazing mac and cheese. My dessert was the best! Check out the delicious cheesecake. We also got a couple of souvenirs as well. The cost for adults is $19.95 and kids are just $12.95. There is also a fee for renting the suite.

It was a really lovely night out and kudos need to be given to the DBAP team for thinking of a way to provide a nice night out for families during these challenging times.