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Day 7: Hoptimist

Day seven means we’re almost a third of the way through beer-vent. Hoptimist a 7.5% ABV / 60 IBU IPA from White Street Brewing Co in Wake Forest should help with that. A little “hoptimism” can’t hurt right? That is of course the belief that everything is better with a beer. This is a good beer for that too – hoppy but not overly so and a higher but not too high ABV that would allow you to enjoy a second beer – if it weren’t beer-vent and we were only trying one new beer a day till Christmas. I guess I can be hoptimistic about the next eighteen beers till the big day.

A perfect hop blend of Amarillo and Citra give this IPA a kick balanced with crisp American malt character. A positive pour for all seasons, the grapefruit and mango flavors are refreshing in any weather. Hoptimist will get your glass feeling half-full in no time.

Jokes aside this is a great beer and one I really enjoy. It has a great flavor and one the pairs well with food be it steak or pizza.