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Day 15: Death By Hops

There are IPAs and then there are beers made for hop-heads. Today we are going for the latter and enjoying on the fifteenth day of beer-vent – Death By Hops from Olde Hickory at 7% ABV and an impressive 108 IBUs. If that sounds like a lot of bitter – it is but it is well balanced and easy to drink. As long as you like hops that is. For me – probably not a beer I will have more than one of in a setting but definitely one I will like to have one of in any setting.

A west coast classic brewed in the Southeast. DBH is brewed with over 7.5 grams of hops per pint leaving this IPA with a whopping 108 IBUs. Select west coast hops give this beer a punching floral aroma and a bite of citrus flavor. The bitterness is only tamed by a mildly sweet, copper body. It’s candy for hop heads.