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CurEat App – Now on Android

The CurEat App launched in January 2017 for iOS users. Android users can now rejoice! The CurEat App is now available for you.

Why you need this app in your life…..
It is built to help people find places to enjoy food and beverages.

What makes this app different from others out there?
This app provides lists of independent restaurants in over 60 cities across the States. You also get to see chefs’ restaurant recommendations. Wanna know where Lionel Vatinet would eat? You can check out his recommendations by downloading the app. You can even create and share your own lists.

Want to be part of the CurEat Experience?
This brings CurEaters, users and independent restaurants together for intimate experience and special events.  Are you a foodie?  Then this is a must for you. Initial CurEaters offering experiences include Charlie Deal (Juju, Dos Perros), Wyatt Dickson (PICNIC Durham), Cheetie Kumar (Garland), John May (Piedmont), Sam Ratto (Videri Chocolate) and Inez Ribustello (On the Square, Tarboro Brewing). CurEat Experiences are available annually – 1 CurEater for $10, 3 CurEaters for $20 and 5 CurEaters for $25.

Check out the membership information here.

To celebrate CurEat now on Android, and its new “CurEat Experience,” founder Steve Mangano will host a free event at Google Fiber’s Raleigh location (518 W Jones St), during Downtown Raleigh’s First Friday, September 1st, from 6-9pm.

Whether you are an iOS or Android user you can check our the app now!