Charleston Wine and Food Festival Just a few Days Away…


We are looking forward to checking out lots of our Raleigh talent while visiting the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. Here are a few folks we are looking forward to seeing while at the festival:

  1. Scott Crawford, Chef/Co-owner Standard Foods (restaurant + grocery), will be cooking at a Champagne lunch at Leon’s Oyster Shop. I am looking forward to what great things Chef Ben McLean and Chef Scott Crawford come up with.
  2. Lionel Valent, Master Baker of La Farm Bakery will be participating in this year’s event. We had a great time last year making a lamb baguette. Can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for this year.
  3. Ben Adams and Wyatt Dickson from PICNIC in Durham will be participating in Chicken Shit Bingo. The description says there will be squares and there will be chickens. Not sure what to make of this but I am sure it will be entertaining.

Make sure to follow us this weekend as we eat our way through Charleston – follow the #CHSWFF hashtag and we’ll be snapchatting at snap919RALEIGH. Want to join us? Tickets to some events still available.