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Chicken S#!t Bingo #CHSWFF

What might be considered a health code violation in some places is an entertaining game of chance in others. Welcome to Chicken S#!t Bingo. No chickens are harmed in this video but warning – one does take a s#!t.

The total time was well over six minutes but due to the miracle of fast forward, we’ll get you to the big finish as quickly as we can. We didn’t get the real Chucktown Follicle Brown in the video but he was a major fixture in the event and super nice guy to boot.

The food? Forget the chicken – BBQ was king with great small plates including a great one from Picnic in Durham – a place that is definitely on our list to try when we return to the Old North State. This was another great event here at the Charleston Wine & Food Festival. Nothing is better than food and a little game of chicken. I mean… Chicken S#!t Bingo.