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Buxton Hall #AVL

We are always in search of BBQ. Recently we went to visit Asheville and had the opportunity to have dinner at Buxton Hall. This is not your everyday run of the mill BBQ. I’d say it may be a bit fancy pants but not pretentious.

To Eat. Pig of course. Ok really I had chicken but it was so so good. The chicken was fall off the bone good. I was able to sneak a bite of Anthony’s bbq which was yum!

To drink. Normally I am a beer drinker but they such good sounding liquor drinks, I went the way of the spirits. I am glad I did. I had the Tropicalia which was an orange and grapefruit infused sherry, cocchi rosa and a bubbly soda. Yum!

They had the prettiest looking pies. I was so full from dinner that I didn’t get a chance to eat dessert but I hope to make it back that way for some during our next visit to Asheville.