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A Bourbon Affair #CHSWFF

We just got back from the Bourbon Affair event which was held at the American College of the Building Arts. What a great backdrop to enjoy this perfect Charleston afternoon. There was a great jazz trio that entertained the crowd while everyone enjoyed their bourbon.

We ran into Johnny Berry from Whiskey Kitchen. He was serving up a great pink panther drink for all to enjoy. The folks from Table and Main served up a really great pork rind with pimento cheese. It was so good.

The most interesting thing we got to try was Foie Gras and Rabbit Torchon served with corn smut mustard, mushrooms, and pickled carrots. It was excellent. This was from the folks at Cask and Ladder and the Piolit Pig in Florida.

The bourbons that were available were Chicken Cock, Virgil Kane, New Southern Revival, Chattanooga Whiskey, Bulleit, and Blade and Bow. This is a great event. If you are a bourbon lover this event does not disappoint.