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Blue Ox Bakery

Hello Blue Ox Bakery! We are so glad to meet you. We have been watching these folks on social for a long time with their drool-worthy images. We finally got to try them out and oh my goodness, they do not disappoint.

We got to chat with Andrew of the Blue Ox Bakery to get the scoop and here is all you wanted to know and more about the Blue Ox Bakery.

Tell us about the Blue Ox Bakery.
The Blue Ox Bakery is my 25-year dream beginning to come to life! Right now we are a small pop-up bakery, showing up at local businesses and markets as well as providing wholesale to local cafes like Sir Walter Coffee and Sir Walter Coffee & Kitchen. We hope to grow enough to have a storefront someday soon.

What types of items do you sell? What are your fan favorites?
We specialize in Breakfast pastries, but also sell other sweets. Everything from various flavors of Croissants and Donuts, to cinnamon buns, brownies, cookies, and coffee cakes. At the Cafes, a fan favorite is definitely our Blueberry muffin. We use ALL of the fresh blueberries in them for a good mix of tart and sweet. At our pop-ups, so far our Donuts are the go-to item. We make several different types, but a hot cruller from the fryer is hard to beat.

Where can people get your products?
You can find our staple products being sold at Sir Walter Coffee and Sir Walter Coffee & Kitchen. Our Instagram is where we keep people up to date on our Pop Up schedule. We hope to explore more of the surrounding markets in the area this summer!

How do people find out more about the Blue Ox Bakery?
For now, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can find us and other good Donut purveyors on the blog from Doughnut Days. They post weekly about where to find us and others with a map included. We hope to have our own website soon as well.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
If you want to see how crazy working in the kitchen can be, check us out on Sugar Rush on Netflix, Season 2 Episode 3. Our owner/baker Andrew and his sister Sarah got to compete in 2019. The Cake we made there is the inspiration for our latest Painkiller brioche donut!

So here is what we got to try. The chocolate doughnut, cinnamon roll, Wookie cookie, sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie, and the savory croissant. Our favorite was a toss-up between the Wookie cookie and the doughnut. And in third place was the savory croissant. It was so good. If you want to get a great pastry make sure to check them out on Instagram for their location.