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Black Fire Brewing #drinkthedragon

Welcome Black Fire Brewing to the list of places to grab a beer in Raleigh. They are officially opening their doors to the public on October 3. The concept? This new nano-brewery began in a garage. They decided to take their homebrew experience and create a taproom where you can enjoy a pint or two.

The other cool thing about Black Fire is that they have gluten-removed beers. Each beer has two options: a gluten-rich and gluten removed. This is such a nice option for those that have gluten intolerance.

Black Fire

We stopped by last weekend to grab a couple of beers and they did not disappoint. We tried the Hop you Like a Hurricane and the Intergalactic Planetcherry Stout. The stout was my favorite!

Black Fire BeerHop You Like a Hurricane (Centennial IPA) 6.8% ABV, 65 IBUs
Centennial hops are the showcase in this India Pale Ale. As with all of our IPAs, this is not your typical “punch you in the face” bitter taste. This is an extremely smooth drinking IPA. Mellow and clean malt flavor. Aromas of citrus and pine, clean and bright bitterness.

Intergalactic Planetcherry (Cherry Chocolate Stout) 6.7% ABV, 65 IBUs
This American style stout is brewed with cacao nibs and whole dark sweet cherries. Slightly sweet but well balanced. Notes of chocolate, molasses, and toffee from the muscovado sugar. Rich and satisfying.

If you are looking to grab a beer in Raleigh, make sure to check out Black Fire Brewing.