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Beer Can Chicken

Walking through Target in the seasonal sale section today I saw that the beer can chicken holder was marked down. Given that my last run in with beer can chicken was awesome I decided it made sense to go for it. The results were great and surprisingly similar to what we had previously.  I’m not entirely sure the exact reason why this makes the chicken so good – whether it is the angle that the chicken sits, the liquid in the beer can providing extra moisture or if it is simply the time and low temperature that you use to cook the bird. Maybe it is all of that.  Regardless it makes an awesome chicken and I really like seeing them perched on the grill.

So after the jump are more pictures of process. We used PBR as our beer of choice and put a light coat of butter on the exterior of the chicken along with some oregano, salt, pepper and chicken seasoning.  Next time I think I will put some garlic in the can or maybe an onion in the top of the chicken for more flavor. I used the smoker box and had some smoke at the beginning of the cooking time but not enough to last for the almost two hours we cooked the chicken.  The temperature in the grill stayed steady at about 300 – fluctuating from as high as 350 to as low as 250. I was concerned about the ink from the can transferring to the chicken – as you can see here – it definitely did not.

Overall – it was a success and definitely something I will try again.  I might even attempt to do more than one next time without the special tray from Target. I mean – it made things easier but I don’t know if it was really necessary.