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Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival 2009

The Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival was everything you should expect from something with beer, bourbon and/or BBQ in the title. In a word awesome. I am trying to think of all the “bad” things I can think of that have any one of those words in the title and I am drawing a blank.

Of special note was the extremely cool folks from Penn State. As many of you know I went to Penn State (for an afternoon) and while I was there I bought a t-shirt.  Little did I know that wearing it would convince an otherwise nice young lady to show me a tattoo on her hindquarters.  If this hasn’t happened to you in the school shirt you are wearing perhaps you are wearing the wrong school colors.  Take note Bob – this could be you.  After coming clean on not being a true blue Nittany Lion we were no worse for the wear and the otherwise embarrassed young lady took off into the masses to likely consume more alcohol.  Sorry no pictures but C can vouch for me on this one. That being said – GO PENN STATE!

Tips and tricks: The VIP ticket is worth it.  Get there early and go enjoy while the lines are short.  The BBQ is not included so eat beforehand because it isn’t cheap or wait and eat after you leave – we went to Danny’s BBQ up the road from Booth Amphitheater after we left to complete the experience.  Danny’s – not at the event but great food.  We decided against staying too long after the General Admission session started – it just got too crowded.  Also – If you take a sip of something and it sucks introduce it to the ground.  That’s right – the drinks are free so there is no reason to suffer through a bad one regardless of how small the cups are – pitch it and move on to the next one.