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Anvil’s Cheesesteaks

I am not an authority on cheesesteaks – nor for the purposes of this post will I claim to be.  Cheesesteaks have roots in Philadelphia and to date I have not been anywhere but the Philly airport and that did not give me enough time to get a cheesesteak from any of the places famous for making such items. So this review will not make any claims regarding how this sandwich may compare to anything outside of the greater Raleigh metropolitan area. I’ve seen It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I don’t want to disturb the crazies by making such claims.

All that aside and disclaimers out of the way – Anvil’s Cheesesteaks is likely one of the best in the geographic area from which I am allowed to comment. The bread was fresh, the mix of meat, onions and peppers was right (not too much of one or not enough of the other) and the staff was really friendly.  It is a small thing but the nice lady behind the register introduced herself when she asked for my name on my order.  It is rare and very nice when that happens – makes you appreciate the small town feel of a place as Raleigh climbs towards being a bigger city.

The menu is simple and the food is excellent. A sandwich and a bag of chips will run you well under $10 and I won’t be hungry again for a while. They are located in the Swift Creek Shopping Center off of Tryon Road so they might be a little out of the way for most people but worth the minimal amount of extra effort for the food and hospitality.