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Angus Barn in Dallas Morning News

Thought this was pretty cool – it is the recipe for the Angus Barn Crackers (YES – the Raleigh Angus Barn) in the Dallas Morning News. Having been to Dallas I know there is no shortage of good restaurants.  In fact you’ve likely seen pictures from one of my better meals at Smoke.  Nice of them to recognize one of Raleigh’s best in an area that likely has many places that could compete with the Angus Barn.

If you haven’t been to the Angus Barn at Christmas it is a good time to go.  The place is decorated and it really has a Christmas feel.  Sort of like the Biltmore House except you could really go every year and enjoy it.  (It is nice to take a year or three off from the Biltmore house.)

Image to the right is of the paper – link below is the PDF with the image enlarged – click here to go directly to the article on the Dallas Morning News website.

Thanks to Travis our man on the ground in Dallas for catching this.

Angus Barn Crackers