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Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream

If you know me, you know I have an ice cream problem. We love it so when I get to choose a sweet treat I will opt for ice cream. We got to try Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream the other day. Andia’s mantra is fresh, premium ice cream made in small batches and scooped with love. They are a local family run business located at 10120 Green Level Church Road in Cary.

Andia grew up in a Greek home where her mom prepared homemade meals and great desserts. Their ice cream begins with premium milk. They partner with a dairy co-op that uses pasture raised cows. We tried the baklava and peanut butter ice cream. The ice cream was amazing because they used quality milk.

We went on the weekend so we could get a chimney cake cone. It is a sugar cone of dough. It is a Hungarian treat and so good. The chimney cakes are made by MagDough. They are a mobile food business. You can find them at special events around town.

If you are in Cary, make sure to go to Andia’s ice cream. You will not be disappointed.