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Saying Goodbye to a Friend

In February of 2002 a small dog moved into my tiny apartment despite any and all reservations I had. It was a life changing event of a magnitude I did not understand. When Cara told me she was going to buy a dog I put up a little resistance. There were vet bills, food, and more importantly my time to consider. Right now after almost 15 years together time is the only thing I wish I had more of. Princess passed peacefully last week.

Yes she was a pet, a mascot, a destructive force but she was also a friend that would always listen and do her best to make you feel better. She understood more human than I did dog so she’ll have to forgive me if I never listened as much as I talked. If she were here now she would be sitting on my lap reassuring me that I would survive this and doing everything she could to stop my tears.

PrincessPrincess was a sweet, affectionate companion that lived a phenomenal life. I will miss her excitement when I come home from work and she wanted to play. I will miss her guarding me while I sat at the computer working. I will miss her begging for food just to try what I was having for dinner and see if it was better than the meal she just had.

I know time heals all wounds and eventually I won’t wake up early to take her out, or worry that I am staying out too late and need to get home or look for her when I walk into a room. I want to heal but not completely. I never want to forget how she made me a better human by giving me a constant purpose of being responsible for someone other than myself.

When my time comes I look forward to seeing her again. I hope both ears pop up and she is ready to play and resume her role as my shadow. Until then I will miss her and always be grateful for the short time we had together.


  1. Grr. Why you want to make a man cry at work. Very moving tribute to a great friend. RIP!

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