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Myrtle Beach

It’s been a while since I posted a drone video and if I am being honest the technology had more than lapped the equipment I was using. The Phantom 3 and Spark while still able to get in the air often took longer than I liked to get going and didn’t always produce the visual result I wanted. The outcome? A lot more time flying and not sharing the results than sharing the results.

Last week that all changed. I have a new tool in the toolbox. This is the first video using the Mini 3 Pro from DJI. This ultralight drone (under 249g) shoots an impressive 4K/60fps video and takes 48MP photos with an f/1.7 aperture that should look good in most lights. The battery lasts about 28-30 minutes based on my initial test flights and the screen integrated into the controller is a huge improvement from flying with the phone. Pair this with the Fly More Kit and you have everything you need (carry bag included) to get in the air.

First impressions? This drone is very small and light but handles well even in wind. The wind speed at the beach had gusts of 20MPH and while you can see some movement in the sped-up video it was really smooth at 100%. This is promising for a timelapse or even getting a good shot or image at night. (The timelapse at the beginning of this video was shot with my phone using the DJI OM4.)

The setup is quick and the connection was great. So far everything worked as promised. I’ll post more as I find more good weather to fly but so far so good.