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ZOMBHNTR1 the Test Drive

The theme for this year’s Kirby Derby Day is “THE END OF THE WORLD” – given what we’ve seen on the news we happen to think we are going out in a Zombie Apocalypse (Thanks Florida!).

Going out without a fight? I don’t think so.

Introducing the ZOMBHNTR1 – the official non-motorized vehicle of the soon to be world famous Redneck Zombie Hunters. (Already in TV rights negotiations with A&E but we might hold out for Bravo if our Zombies go all housewife on us.)

Pictures  of us taking turns on test drives and trial runs of the mostly traditional soapbox derby style cart. It is as fun as it looks and I’ll post the videos here too – as YouTube gets them uploaded. Thanks to all the brave zombies and redneck zombie hunters that came out and road down the hill. It was fun to practice and I can’t wait for the Derby.

I am solidly predicting a win with our team of driver Brian and pit crew BobG. If we don’t win I promise to sign both men up for the drag race next year. See that motivation? Using my brain…  brains!!!! (Uh oh)

UPDATED: YouTube videos – HeatherBobG, Candace, Randi and Anthony.