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Where do you go?

So I tried to load Facebook a few minutes ago and got a lovely DNS failure. After I determined it wasn’t my machine by loading another site I did a quick search and found that FB was having another outage. This comes on the heels of the Twitter bug earlier this week. I guess that just begs the question: when social media goes down – where do you go?

For me – I just walked away and went back to work. Not a big deal really. Then I realized the larger impact. Facebook Connect was down. That means the most popular method of connecting to this site and countless others was down too. Not exactly what you would like to have happen. I mean with Facebook down someone might want to come here and hang out. Also the “Like” feature on the bottom of each post got toasted in this outage. Again – not the end of the world but something for me to think about as I continue to build onto nosvc and the Raleigh Web Design family.

So – where do you go? I’m curious because maybe I’ll go there next time. Or if it is a really good site maybe I’ll go there even when Facebook and Twitter are working like they should.