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Transit of Venus 2012

Transit of Venus 2012

If you missed it yesterday don’t worry – here is a picture and you can always see it again in December 2117 or December 2125. Wait – you better look at the picture and then take a moment to re-evaluate your priorities.

With the cloud cover yesterday I thought we were going to miss it. Fortunately our neighbor behind the house had a telescope and when the clouds passed we were able to see what you see to the right. The large mass of white is the Sun and the small white dot in the bottom left is Venus. The small ‘blemishes’ on the white area that aren’t Venus are solar flares. (You can see those better if you enlarge the picture.)

Thanks to Matt for sending me the picture and giving me my own eclipse viewer. Yes – I’ll be watching the sun more in the future now that I have proper equipment.

After the jump I have a picture I took though the eclipse viewer which doesn’t look great but gives you a better idea of the color – maybe by 2117 I will have figured out how to focus too.