So I am fairly to 100% certain that if Barack Obama were named John Smith this inauguration wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Smith-ification doesn’t have that ring to it. The media and a lot of the general public are a runaway train and when I found the Obamicon.Me site I decided to have a little fun as well.

I won’t pretend to guess at when the honeymoon will be over and the hard decisions that will make him unpopular will begin but I encourage those that are exalting him to remember that Bush had a 90% approval rating early in his presidency and we eventually grew to hate him. I am sure no one – including soon to be former President Bush wishes this on Obama but it is who we are. The more we know you – the more likely we are to hate you. Good luck soon to be President Obama and all apologies to those of you that I spoofed here. It was all in good fun and you are welcome to get me back.