I’ll admit it – things have slowed down here a little lately – not going to lie we saw it coming for the last nine months. Much like the introduction of our new management last year we’ve had to take a little time to adjust. Tanner joined us on September 27th at 5:33AM after a long night of procrastinating and is slowly figuring out that all night partying should wait for college. He came into this world at a hefty 9 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches long.

We’ll have more posts on him in the future but we have no intention of 919raleigh.com changing direction. What’s next? We’ll still be a food & drink, around town, sometimes travel, drone, Lego, technology and general nonsense blog. Much like the last addition we don’t plan on slowing down but we will need a little time to catch up.

Fun facts that he probably won’t appreciate until he is much older – we watched Forrest Gump after CaraDMc was admitted to the hospital. The final decision on the name didn’t come until after he was born. We didn’t embargo it for a big release – we just hadn’t decided. As soon as he got home Tanner watched NC State win in the first football game he watched them play beating UVA 35-21. (He slept through most of it.) Trooper isn’t entirely sure what to make of him but I have a feeling it won’t be long until the two of them gang up on us.

All for now – much more to come.