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Tamron Macro Test

So I mentioned in my last post that I had purchased a Macro lens and the closest distance I could shoot was about 18 inches. BobG (veteran camera-dude and purveyor of knowledge) challenged me on this and turns out he was right. (He just hit Control-P to print this page.)


Turns out that is an auto focus limitation and doesn’t matter when you switch to manual focus. The image to the right and the ones in the gallery below were shot at closer than 18 inches using manual focus. (Exception being the shot of Princess I took in the middle of playing and posted because she is a cute dog. Take that Westminster Dog Show.)

Still having fun and learning and open to suggestions or ideas on how to improve my shot taking. These images have been re-sized but are otherwise unedited. I was playing with the depth of field on the Star Wars figures that are less than 2 inches tall so the blurriness is intentional.