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Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3

This weekend I broke down and purchased a new toy that I have had my eye on for a while – the Tamron 18-270mm lens.  I’ve read the good the bad and the ugly about it and weighed the options and decided that 15x optical zoom seemed like a great lens.  This should be a lens that keeps me from changing lenses or a “walkabout” solution for a DSLR.  So far – it has been great.  Expect many more pictures in the coming months from this monster.

The image to the right was taken standing in the same place.  The top at 18mm and the bottom at 270mm.  I did this to get an idea of the zoom capabilities.  Both images were crystal clear and we’re modified beyond shrinking them for the purposes of comparison.

The lens is much larger (filter size 72mm vs. 52mm) and much heavier than my other lenses. I’ve heard this as a disadvantage although I can’t say that it is so much vs. the utility of the lens and not having to change lenses for different shots. It is a macro lens so I can shoot from 18 inches away vs. the nearly a yard distance I had to stay back before.

Want to throw in a quick plug for Peace Camera – they have been great to work with and purchase from.  The store’s staff can’t be beat.  I’ve been in there a lot and asked a ton of questions and can say this is the best place to go in the area.  I’ve linked to them before but feel it bears repeating – they are a really great asset here in our backyard.

More pictures soon – better pictures as I learn to use the equipment.


  1. Good point – I don’t think the autofocus can get closer than 18 inches – with the 15x zoom that puts you pretty close.  I’ve taken a couple of shots that look like I am on top of the object I was shooting but I was 18 inches away using AF.

    I’ll take some pics this week and try it with AF and MF and see how they do.  You are welcome to help me play with it – I’ve got a little downtime till the float building begins.

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