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Using AI for Logo Concepts

Because everything on the web will be AI-driven soon I decided to see if the combo of ChatGPT and the Bing Image Creator (powered by Dall-E) could create a logo I would like for this website and compare it to earlier efforts this year with Midjourney. I started by asking ChatGPT to write a prompt for me. (And this time I added a mascot request.)

I did this in a dialogue series where I had already asked multiple questions about the site and I asked – Create an image prompt for Dall-E for the website that integrates the name 919raleigh, imagery that would make someone think of the city of Raleigh, NC and a mascot that is appropriate for all ages.

ChatGPT responded – Design an image for with transparent background. Showcase Raleigh’s spirit through its skyline, landmarks, and cultural symbols. Include the name “919raleigh” in an appealing font. Add a friendly, all-age mascot. Vibrant colors. Collaborate with a designer to create a captivating visual.

I used this prompt and these were the results –

Similar to the results from Midjourney the name and text are wrong and I think that is the program being designed to create text but rather realistic images. So maybe a feature and not a flaw. Or they don’t want these going directly into use. The concepts are solid but none of the city skylines scream Raleigh to me. If I am being honest I think a couple of them might be more in line with another city in our state and yes that mistake has happened before.

I decided to try again and this time asked it to avoid using any text elements. These were the results –

Despite asking it to avoid the text elements they still found their way in but this time it was correct in a couple of places. The skyline is still a cause for concern. So while a little better none of these are a direct hit. I asked again this time specifying – do not use any text elements.

Despite the direct request text was still included and the skyline is still problematic in each of these. I decided to make one final request in this experiment and see if we could just get a mascot.

So these are strange and while not terrible probably not becoming the mascot for the site any time soon. The systems are fun to use but at the end of the day maybe not hitting the bullseye quite like we’d want yet. It is fun to try and see what can be done with the technology as it evolves.