Looking for a way to share a precise location? what3words.com has divided the world into 3-meter squares (9.84 feet) and given each square a unique 3-word name.

Street addresses aren’t accurate enough to specify precise locations, such as building entrances, and don’t exist for parks and many rural areas. This makes it hard to find places and prevents people from describing exactly where help is needed in an emergency.


This is awesome but even more so when one of your favorite breweries uses it to name a beer for the spot it was created in Richmond, VA.

This is an awesome tool but a lot of the fun is searching and finding unique and often humorous name combinations in the area. A little to the west and ///fear.movie.lions could have been ///kept.chats.pops to the east ///solar.bind.trades or just few feet south ///moment.fantastic.butter or north ///slips.views.onions. None of these are as good as where they landed.

Some fun places I found around town searching by address not looking at a specific location:

So the next time you see a Stone Hazy Double IPA named ///fear.movie.lions you’ll be able to map the exact spot the recipe was created and may want to visit the website or download the app to relay back the exact spot you are drinking it. If it will cool off just a few degrees I’ll be at ///populated.puzzles.dorm enjoying one myself.