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I’ve been contemplating using a Raspberry Pi as a calendar/device to help keep a lot of schedules and calendars in one place. We’ve found a good use for these tiny and powerful computers to control devices in the house and to scan the skies.

I stumbled across DAKboard when I was looking at OS options for an RPi3B that I was looking for a better purpose than just a test web server. I decided to give it a try and have spent a couple of days in the free account seeing what options are available and how far the system could go. The free account (shown above) has a fair number of features and really could solve the simple problem of taking a couple of calendars and putting them on an easy-to-see screen or web page to share and access as needed. The paid version takes this concept to a whole new level. (FYI – I pixelated the individual items – the actual DAKboard does not.)

So far beyond the standard time/date, weather, and calendar, I’ve been able to add multiple countdowns, drive time alerts, monitor the thermostats in the house, and add sunrise/sunset for the day. And I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with all the options available.

So far so good. I am looking at screens and how I might be able to set up a more reasonably priced version of the wall displays they sell to test further. If this works the way I think it might I will subscribe for an Essential or likely a Plus account and would rather spend my money there.

Let me know if you have used this – or if you think it would be useful (or not). The drive time alerts seem particularly useful given traffic in Raleigh is unpredictable and getting to some places (school) is more important than not.


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