So saying I am a little bit of a geek about Star Wars might be an understatement.   Give me credit I don’t go to crazy conventions and don’t dress up as a character but yes I do know that Obi Wan Kenobi could kick the crap out of Jean Luc Picard.  And if you have any idea what the previous sentence meant you can throw stones but you know you are just a little bit guilty too.  And no – my addiction to all things Star Wars didn’t start last week.  Here is my lunch box circa 1983 – yeah I was that cool ( once and mostly at lunch time).

As mom and dad continue to dig through the craziness that is the house I grew up in I may have other not-so-new but still exciting things to post.  All the things that survived my brother and I and slipped through the yard sale cracks to end up with a new home in my house.  And yes – I noticed like you may have that the desk is getting dusty.  I think I may remedy that this week – it didn’t look that bad until the flash hit it.