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Vote for the Dark Bucket

LEGO CUUSOO is a site where you can share LEGO set concepts you’d like the whole world to enjoy and aim for their eventual release as real products. As products reach 10,000 votes they get evaluated by Lego and could be a future set selling online and in the Lego store.

So I think this set is pretty cool and I would buy it if it landed in the store – it only needs 2,338 more votes. So go vote. I mean – unless you have a problem with 99 Storm Troopers sharing a bucket.  Yes – this means you – go vote for the Dark Bucket. You’ll need to create an account but that will be useful as I plan to encourage more voting in the future.

If nothing else this will let you vote for something you like and you’ll have the opportunity to get something cool when voting is over.


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