Earlier this week C and I were discussing stop motion and time-lapse photography and were looking at cool ways to do either.  She had thought about doing something with work but for a wide variety of reasons, it wasn’t going to work as well as she would have liked.  Doing what anyone should when they hear a good idea I stole it and immediately applied it to something I was doing. Namely assembling Lego set 10184 the Town Plan.

He is my first attempt at stop motion and while it is by no means great it isn’t completely terrible. I need to improve in quite a few areas but overall it works for what it is.

I’ll have more shots of the complete set later in the week but if you can’t wait here it is from the Lego site.  After the jump I have the 8-bit Trip which is another cool stop motion with 1000’s of Lego bricks used and two other Town Plan stop motion videos – both are much better than mine but again this was my first try.

To do list for next stop motion animation –

  1. Use a better camera – a webcam is great for video terrible for this application.
  2. Make the images move faster – my video was a little slow.
  3. Remove background as much as possible.  Use light box?
  4. Plan a little more – it would have been good to have more interaction.
  5. Slow down.  I was too focused on getting done and not focused enough on making use things were at the right angle.