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Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar #9 [2011]

DSC_1274It the continued theme of getting a minifig and having a gift appear for them the next day we have a mini X-Wing.

Possessing deflector shields, a hyperdrive, an R2 astromech for repairs and navigation, and a complement of proton torpedoes, the X-wing allowed the Rebellion to launch raids in Imperial space with improved odds of a successful mission.

Let me translate – you want one of these if you have a Death Star to kill. In a word like Samuel L. Jackson “this mofo is bada$$.” Or as Lando Calrissian might say “Drink Colt 45” – how do you think he bought Cloud City? Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Wait…  isn’t this an Advent Calendar? Better clean up my act. There are only 15 days did Santa is here.