Knew this was a weapon but wasn’t 100% sure what kind. Fortunately for me the folks over at From Bricks To Bothans did.

An E-web Heavy Repeating Blaster! So heavy that it takes a couple of Snowtroopers to carry it in and set it up before it can be used to fire on the Millennium Falcon in ESB. Kind of impractical if you ask me. The E-web uses the new style 1×1 round plate shooter but I guess the imperials were concerned about the weapon malfunctioning so much so that they’ve attached a small blaster on the top as a back up weapon. And that’s smart. It just makes sense to back up your main weapon by attaching a smaller, weaker weapon right on top of it. And it’s a good thing they did since it’s missing its power generator. [SOURCE]

Good news – it isn’t Clone Wars. Bad news – another day of not recognizing the gift when I opened it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better on both.