R2-Q5At first glance you may think this is just R2-D2’s darker cousin but in reality it is R2-Q5 which surprisingly enough was in the originally trilogy and with no surprise at all have a long back story. No he is not an evil R2 – if he was that would just make him cooler.

R2-Q5 was an R2-series astromech droid produced by Industrial Automaton. R2-Q5 had black coverings highlighted by bronze access panels. R2-Q5 was a well-equipped droid, with tools for repairing starships and special, hidden spy devices. He was also one of the few beings aware of IG-88A’s infiltration of the Death Star. [SOURCE]

IG-88A’s infiltration of the Death Star??? I have no idea. I always thought IG-88 was a lame attempt at seeing Tin Man looking action figures.


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