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NanoBlock Space Shuttle

I had seen NanoBlocks in the store before and always wondered what it would be like to build with them. They look like Lego bricks but much smaller and it’s not until you start building that you realize they are a little more flexible in how you can snap them together leaving for some creativity in the overall design without using specialty blocks.

Special thanks to SonyaB for thinking of me and snagging this set for me. It was a great challenge and a lot of fun to work with such small bricks (there and over 500 in this model). The instructions were simple but really only one page vs. the books that come with most Lego sets. Overall it was great build – I won’t switch from Lego to NanoBlocks but I may have to grab another set or two.

I already have a couple of ideas on how I will use them in this year’s Christmas Village.

The planned video / stop motion didn’t work because a) this was a hard set and b) I kept dropping pieces. Not terribly entertaining.