BobG is curious to photographs of a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Freighter made solely from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene self-constructed automatic binders. I’m just sayin’. via Facebook.

Be Curious no more. Mission Accomplished. No I didn’t win the war in Iraq or even blow up the Death Star but I did finally get the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon [10179] completed.  It took well over the 20 hours I had read it would take but I wasn’t in a hurry and was more concerned that every piece was placed properly so I didn’t have to take this mammoth apart and rebuild it later.  The picture to the left shows the Ultimate Collector’s edition beside the original Lego Falcon [7190].

I would highly recommend this to anyone that has the time, the desire and the patient wife it takes to pull it off.  The room where it was built was disrupted for a month and my attention was diverted from other projects around the house in the effort to complete this piece.  I wouldn’t say don’t try this at home just know what you are getting into before you try.  Lots of pictures of the Falcon and a few shots around the room after the jump.