Another long and painful step forward as the Millennium Falcon starts to look more like a spaceship and less like a one story office building.  The bottom panels are on and work is about to begin on the top.

– The size of this is impressive. [TWSS]

– It is really huge. [TWSS]

– Bigger even than it looked in the picture. [Really – we just got back from the beach and everything was something that SHE said.]

I have a confusing amount of small legos left and about half the instruction book to go.  Hopefully things will come together and I won’t be sitting with a lot of spare parts at the end of the build.



  1. Wow… that IS big! That’s what she said.
    Do you have a place big enough to keep it? That’s what she said.
    Nice guns. That’s what she said.
    Nice pics, but I bet it’s even bigger in person…. that’s what she said.

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