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Lego Kidsfest 2014

Everything is awesome!  We had a great time at LEGO Kidsfest. There was literally something for everyone to enjoy. Duplos, Friends, City, Mindstorms, Lego Movie ,CHIMA, Technic, HERO Factory, Castle, and Mixels were all there to explore.

One of my favorites was the LEGO Model Museum which featured life-sized LEGO figures built by master builders. The models included Lightning McQueen, Chewbaca, Darth Mal, Batman, and Lego Movie stars Emmett and Wyldstyle. My favorite was Cinderella. There were lots of opportunities to take pictures with your favorite characters.

Creation Nation was a neat feature where we were able to create our own LEGO piece and place it on a map of the United States. At the end of the weekend all of the pieces make a huge map of the United States that is the size of a basketball court.

One of the spaces was the Reading Rest Stop. There were lots of LEGO books to sit and flip through while taking a break. There were chairs and bean bags where kids could relax.

The highlight was the giant pile of LEGO where you could create whatever you could imagine! All the sessions sold out for the event. We had a great time and hope that they will come back again to Raleigh soon.