From the better late than never category comes this year’s Lego Christmas Village which might technically be last year’s but that is only so 2012 can have a new village.

The delay was partial procrastination and partial waiting for Cara’s Christmas present (a flash for the big camera). She took most of the pictures after the jump with the exception being the last five (she put her toy down and I played with it for a minute). If either one of us improves on using the flash before the village gets dismantled I will post again. From what I have seen so far it may take a while for us to get there. Although I can’t complain – it does pretty good right out of the box.

The village this year includes the Star Wars Nativity, a train (yes – we light rail before certain cities I know), all the recent seasonal sets and a first look at the Lego Superheroes collection starring Wonder Woman, Superman, Bat Man, Cat Woman and Lex Luthor. This year the Nativity scene grew into a larger part of the display with several building representing the city of Bethlehem. This village also showcases a RV park and of course Santa showering.

Tours are available with advance notice by calling Cara. If you don’t have Cara’s phone number and want to see more you better hope we get good with the flash soon. Enjoy.