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The Hulk Buster Smash [76031]

If you live in a universe with a Hulk you would likely be smart to find a way to control him or at least stop him. In the Marvel universe Tony Stark / Iron Man is that smart guy and here he is in his famed Hulk Buster suit an exoskeleton for his exoskeleton. This set is a great addition to the collection and while only 224 parts total it has 4 minifigures (Tony Stark / Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Ultron Prime and a new Hulk that isn’t so mini).

Fun build and while comparable to other Lego exoskeletons / exo-suits it is a different sturdier / more playable build. I liked the core elements of the set but felt like the Scarlet Witch and Ultron minifigures were added to increase the price and served no real purpose. The set only had two stickers and neither were on the Hulk Buster suit so I won’t count that against the overall set.

Overall – good set – not a must have but a nice addition to the Marvel side of the room.


Who really built the Hulk Buster? It was Sheldon. Isn’t it obvious?