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Bricks in SPACE!

Thanks to BobG for the heads up on this one. Despite being a huge fan of (and frequent contributor to) both Lego and NASA neither one told me they were taking the world’s greatest plastic bricks and making them the greatest plastic bricks off the planet as well.

You tell me – I deserve an apology from them don’t I?

That being said the article is here and I still think it is pretty awesome. I am really hoping they release the models they sent as sets and/or post the instructions online. I wouldn’t mind adding the International Space Station to my collection.

For more on the Lego/NASA collaboration (aka the most awesome geek pairing since Lego/Star Wars) click here. Tool around that site for a bit and you can see Lt. Uhura wearing a Lego astronaut ring. Can you raise the stakes any higher in the land of Geekdom? Only if she had a lightsaber.