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A few more from Brick Magic 2011…

Earlier this week I posted one of Cara’s pictures from Brick Magic and going through the shots I found a few more standouts I wanted to share. This one is a pirate fishing in a water tower.

We also have two images of a Lego pizza parlor and one of the Lego murals that was at the event. It is difficult to show the size and complexity of these projects. For those of you that have been to the house and thought I had a lot of little plastic bricks and men – you have no idea. This event is worth going to just to see the size of the projects and the level of detail that have in them.

So until the next show this is probably the last of “other people’s” stuff for a while. I hope to start shooting some of my sets soon and getting those pictures up but that will require a slow down somewhere to get that started.dsc_7425