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Kirby Derby 2011

It is amazing and somewhat fun when you live in a city for years and happen to find something as interesting as this in your own backyard. Yes – I had heard of the Kirby Derby prior to this year. Seen pictures in the Independent and other local web sites and blogs but it always seemed to be after the fact. This year when I read about it on (disclaimer: I might be a member of the editorial staff) I thought I had missed it again. Lucky me – I hadn’t.

Kirby Derby Day has been happening every June for the past 9 years in a quiet and unassuming little neighborhood called Pullen Park Terrace. We have 2 big streets, Kirby Street and Bilyeu Street. Back in 2002, the first year of the Kirby Derby, the only event was a big parade (unless you can call cocktails on the curb an event). Since those humble beginnings, Kirby Derby has grown and become a multi-faceted day of the fun and the strange.

I’m not sure I have the vocabulary to describe the event and even calling it an event downplays things inappropriately. Spectacle might be a better description. It was fun, entertaining and a good mix of both the tame and the slightly less so during the afternoon event. It was the kind of thing we need more of in Raleigh and definitely one of the underground centerpieces of the new Creative District.

Many more pictures after the jump but they don’t really do things justice – this is an event that needs to be attended. I don’t know the exact date for next year (I’m guessing June?) but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it on their website or Facebook Page.


  1. Great photos!  I was driving the PVC car.  Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of those pictures?

  2. Andy – it will probably be tonight but I’ll zip them and get them to you.  I’ll look through the ones not posted and see if I have any more of your car as well.

  3. Hey!   We built the chicken car…any pics you have would be greatly appreciated.   Nice shots!

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