DJI_0003-Pano-2Trying a new technique with the Phantom and Lightroom where multiple images are stitched together to form a panorama. This was my first attempt but won’t be my last. This was inspired by the 360° Panorama Contest by Skypixel and wondering if I could pull it off with my technology. Sunset in a short storm break with hurricane Bonnie seemed like a good time to test it out. The effect was done using 37 photos taken rotating the Phantom at a height of 150 feet. I felt like the result was really good – the clouds helped.

I tried another version of the Panorama with the same images –

For this image, I used fewer images in the composite (18) and tried to get them to run where the sunset was the center of the frame. I feel like this look is better and while maybe not a full 360° panorama a very visually stunning landscape.

This is using Photoshop to create mini-worlds from the two images –
DJI_0022-Pano-Circle RenParkWorld-01Still, more work to be done but having fun with the images.