Update – new shell / center board replacement (battery box) and damping balls for the gimbal arrived. I started transferring the parts into the new shell and was able to get things far enough along to power up and see how much damage wasn’t visible. The immediate bad news was a message in red – “Main Controller Data Error” and when that was clicked on an “Accelerometer Failed” message. At this point I wasn’t sure if a new shell was going to be enough to get airborne again.

Fortunately I found a post titled – Fix for “NO MC DATA- ACCELEROMETER FAILED” if caused by impact. I followed the instructions – at this point there was nothing to lose. Removed the accelerometer and proceeded to tap it on the side that I assumed was most likely to be in the ‘right place’ based on earlier readings showing my X Acceleration (g) at -16.01 following this post. [low negative X – back (as the metal is lodged on the back of the craft by got hit on the front) / high positive X – front / low negative Y – left (nose pointing away from u) / high positive Y – right (nose pointing away from u) / low negative Z – bottom / high positive Z – top]

So far it looks like this was a success and the “Accelerometer Failed” error is cleared. I was able to calibrate the IMU where i had only gotten errors before. After the calibration the numbers looked good and only the compass (which I severed the wires on in disassembly) is showing an error message. I ordered that and should have an update by Friday once it is delivered and installed. Nothing in the air yet but I am feeling more optimistic that I will get there soon.